Multiple Pipeline Projects

Kinder-Morgan-Energy-PartnersKinder Morgan Energy Partners has turned to Paragon for projects in California, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas since 1999, including:

  • Concord to West Sacramento Pipeline Project;
  • Sonoran Pipeline;
  • East Line Expansion;
  • El Paso, TX to Phoenix, AZ; and
  • Carson to Norwalk Pipeline Replacement Project.

Our Services:

  • Project Management
  • Route Feasibility Studies
  • CEQA/NEPA Support
  • Survey Permitting
  • Established Project Procedures
  • Title Research
  • Appraisal/Right of Way Valuation
  • Data/File Management
  • Fee Property & Right of Way Acquisition
  • Permitting
  • Franchise Acquisition
  • Damage Settlement (crops, general damages, etc.)
  • Construction Liaison