The ACE Project – Gateway to America

The Alameda Corridor-East Construction Authority’s “Gateway to America” Project is a $1.4 billion transportation and rail improvement program at 55 Union Pacific Railroad grade crossings covering over 35 miles.

Serving an area of approximately 1.9 million residents and 30 municipalities, the project connects the Alameda Corridor and the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to the transcontinental rail network, creating a faster, more efficient method of distributing an expected $314 billion in annual trade.

We have served as the Right of Way Program Manager since 2000:

▪ Program/Project Management

▪ Right of Way Procurement Studies

▪ Title Coordination, Review and Escrow Services

▪ Railroad Title Research

▪ Fee, F&E, Goodwill Appraisals and Appraisal Review

▪ Acquisition of Right of Way & Real and Personal Property

▪ Property Management, including Maintenance and Demolition

▪ Environmental Services

▪ Right of Way Acquisition/Relocation Status Reports

▪ Document/Project Control

▪ Cost Tracking/Cost Reporting

▪ Scheduling

▪ Right of Way Engineering/Surveying

▪ Right of Way Base Map and Parcel Map Preparation

▪ Legal Description Preparation

▪ Relocation Assistance