Custom GIS Applications / GeoDatabase Modeling

The lack of information critical to selecting a route or site that can be acquired, permitted and constructed can delay or derail your project.  Paragon Partners’ Custom GIS Applications and Geodatabase Modeling services provide this valuable information at a significant cost savings and far more expeditiously than traditional route studies.

Our experienced team customizes web-based tools so that you can draw a line marking a prospective project route or site, click a few commands and quickly generate a report which produces critical route planning details, economic data and fatal flaw route information.

Key features of our Custom GIS and Geodatabase Modeling solutions include:

  • Integrates data from multiple sources including government websites, private real estate databases and user-generated information.
  • Route Impact Analysis Tool facilitates drawing or importation of route(s) for study, identification of surface and subsurface features, listing of web-based data for affected entities and the printing or emailing of map(s) of selected routes.
  • Land Use and Environmental Analysis Tool manages inventory of route data that can be exported to a table to calculate lead times, acquisitions costs and permit and construction lead times and costs.
  • Cost Analysis Tool analyzes land costs for route alternatives, including the number of parcels/tracts, distances, total area of right of way to be acquired, average cost per square foot and cost of acquisition per parcel/tract, flagging the most expensive acquisitions that may warrant rerouting.
  • Flexibility to use multiple data sources to build custom views.
  • ESRI’s ArcGIS 10.1 software suite for editing data, creating maps and tracking projects on the internet.
  • User-friendly design hides complex data manipulation and obscure command sequences.
  • High-level application speaks in user’s idiom.

 GIS Applications and Geodatabase Modeling tools implemented by our expert team dramatically change how route planning studies are executed.