Asset Due Diligence & Title Research

We specialize in asset transfer, complex title issues for Land, Railroad, Tidelands, Easement and prior right litigation support.

Our clients’ Energy, Public Infrastructure, Transportation, Telecommunications and Water projects cannot proceed without accurate determination of property ownership. Paragon Partners’ expert staff researches, records, documents and reports the history and status of ownership of land within the impact zone, conducting curative work as necessary to resolve any Title problems.

With a seasoned staff equally knowledgeable about public, private, commercial and residential real estate, we competently handle the most routine to the most complicated ownership issues. We provide:

  • Title research
  • Title coordination and review
  • Title reports and examination
  • Escrow services
  • Title curative services
  • Resolution of Title defects
  • Acquisition of subordination agreements
  • Franchise rights and negotiations
  • Mineral and subsurface rights research

“Paragon’s contract land agents are very attentive and strive to provide us with what we need.”
Land Acquisition Manager