Relocation Assistance

Public agencies nationwide depend on us to plan and implement the smooth relocation of residences and businesses displaced by public works projects. Our expertise spans highway, housing, transit, development and redevelopment projects. At Paragon Partners, we have relocated thousands of diverse displacees, including:

  • Residential
    • Single and multi-family residences
    • Mobile home parks
    • HUD-funded projects (including NSP, CDBG and HOME funds)
  • Businesses
    • Small businesses
    • Non-profits
    • Agri-businesses
    • Industrial

Communication is a cornerstone to our successful Relocation Assistance services. By ensuring impacted tenants and residents are aware of their rights and benefits during the process, and assigning bilingual staff to overcome communication barriers as needed, we gain the highest levels of cooperation to facilitate a smooth transition. Our full-spectrum of Relocation Assistance services include:

  • Relocation Plans for state, federal and municipal agencies that comply with all legal requirements.
  • Interacting with tenants, landlords, management companies, attorneys and investigators.
  • Analyzing and determining displacees’ qualifications for benefits and required services.
  • Assisting displacees in finding suitable replacement residential or business properties.
  • Multi-lingual, user-friendly descriptive materials about the Relocation program.
  • Identifying and helping displacees with moving costs.
  • Advising residential and business displacees and processing their claims.
  • Maintaining meticulous records that comply with all applicable federal, state and local reporting requirements.

“I look forward to continuing to work with you and strengthening our relationship.”
Management Analyst, City Housing Authority