The design and use of the most current technology is core to our service model at Paragon Partners. Our multi-disciplinary team of project managers, IT professionals, engineers and agents collaborate to develop and implement tools and processes that improve information flow, facilitate analysis, assess project costs and expedite project completion.

  • Data Management: Utilizing our proprietary, trademarked information system, PDQ|Paragon Data Quest, or client systems, we source, manage and access intellectual content vital to establishing Right of Way corridors and Real Estate infrastructure projects.
  • GIS Solutions: By capturing and integrating land rights data with powerful digital maps, a clear picture of the subject area emerges. Our Custom GIS Applications and Geodatabase Modeling services provide information critical to selecting a route or site at a significant cost savings and far more expeditiously than traditional methods.
  • Project Tracking: Our suite of technical tools, managed by experienced staff, facilitates real time Project Tracking, 24/7. As a result, issues are identified and resolved as expeditiously as possible, communication is optimized and budgets are achieved.

I have confidence in Paragon’s ability to deliver.

Director of Pipeline Company