San Gabriel Trench Project Wins Statewide Top Honor

For over 20 years, Paragon Partners is proud to have worked on many incredible ACE/SGVCOG projects as part of the Right of Way Team, including the San Gabriel Trench project which was recently awarded the overall Project of the Year at the California Transportation Foundations (CTF).

The 2.2-mile project was the largest public works project in the history of the City of San Gabriel and the largest project in the $1.7 billion Alameda Corridor-East (ACE) Construction Authority grade separation program overseen by the Capital Projects and Construction Committee of the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments (SGVCOG).

The project resulted in the lowering of a 1.4-mile section of railroad track in a 30-foot-deep, 65-foot-wide trench through the City of San Gabriel with roadway bridges constructed at four hazardous at-grade crossings and railroad bridges built over two storm channels. The trench improves safety by eliminating the potential for crossing collisions, delays for nearly 90,000 motorists each day, reduces emissions from idling vehicles and allows emergency responders to respond more quickly on both sides of the tracks. Construction required the excavation of more than 500,000 cubic yards of soil removed via 33,000 dump truck trips and the pouring of 6,500 truckloads of concrete to build the trench walls and floor and roadway bridge structures.

This is the second award for the San Gabriel Trench Project.


Photo taken by The ACE Report.