Our Fearless Leader | International Women’s Day

Paragon Partners is a company built with the dedication and fearlessness of powerful and strong women. Neilia LaValle, founder and President of Paragon Partners, has been a leading force in the Right of Way and Real Estate Industry for nearly 38 years. What started as a new career path after teaching high school music in her home town of Louisiana, has turned into a long and lucrative career of running one of the most successful Right of Way firms in the nation.

“In 1993, with encouragement from several of our clients, my soon-to-be business partner, Joel Sewell, and I left an engineering firm and started Paragon Partners Ltd. with our last paycheck and our credit cards. Within two months, we had over 30 employees. We never wrote a real business plan and we have never had to borrow money to operate. Our business plan was simple: we plan to stay in business and we plan to be profitable. And it worked! Over the last 25 years, we continued to grow and expand both our services and our geographical reach. It got a bit scary a couple of times as we expanded to other regions of the country, but we made it.”

Neilia is a strong believer in equality and that women with vision are an unstoppable force with unlimited potential. She has built an impressive and admirable career from the ground up with her hard work, dedication, and willingness to take risks.

Neilia is a true trailblazer and has lead the way for women in the Right of Way industry and the workforce in general.


To learn more about Neilia LaValle visit: https://www.paragon-partners.com/about-us/management/neilia-lavalle/