Improving the nation’s Transportation system is a constant battle for Public Agencies.  Paragon Partners’ senior agents and engineers, utilizing our proprietary PDQ|Paragon Data Quest and GIS technology tools, determine and acquire the Right of Way and Real Estate assets essential to any Transportation program, including:

  • Rail
  • Light Rail
  • Highways
  • Streets & Roads

Federal, state, county and municipal Transportation agencies count on us to provide Program Management systems, rather than simply fulfilling project management procedures.   Our commitment to Advancing the Industry with technology tools and extraordinary service is evident in our practices and accomplishments:

  • In-house professional engineers and CAD operators collaborate to deliver preliminary engineering efforts.
  • GIS mapping department facilitates preliminary engineering efforts.
  • Senior Title professionals with public and private sector experience in commercial and residential real estate research and address issues, from the most complicated to routine.
  • Acquisition managers and agents who have closed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real estate escrows for Transportation projects.
  • Property managers, including In-lieu Staff, maximize the utility of Public Agencies’ capabilities and assets.
  • Multi-lingual Relocation agents who have counseled thousands of residential and business displacees for some of the most complex relocation projects in the nation, while strictly adhering to FHWA, FAA and FTA regulations.