Paragon Partners, with headquarters a few miles from some of the largest Ports in the world, has practical, specialized knowledge about port operations and the Right of Way and Real Estate issues unique to port properties.

Since 2002, we have managed approximately 40 miles of jointly-owned railroad right of way property serving one of the largest and busiest port complexes in the world.  During the course of our contract, we often have identified and implemented out-of-scope value-added services, improving the Ports’ operations and generating cost savings without increasing our fee.

Among our wide-ranging turnkey property management services provided to Ports, we:

  • Negotiate and process all new leasing agreements.
  • Develop state-of-the-art engineering and property management data systems for railroad Rights of Way.
  • Create Master Joint Revocable Permits (MJRP), lowering administrative costs while bringing permit fees, insurance coverage and other terms and conditions up to current standards.
  • Reconcile facility ownership and details.
  • Adroitly navigate politically sensitive issues with agencies, governments, and/or corporations.
  • Utilize our industry-leading software and GIS solutions, including our patented PDQ|Paragon Data Quest system, to expedite project delivery.

Our Projects:

  •  Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach